Saturday, May 22, 2010

15 minutes

So, I started this and let it go a couple of years ago. Time and energy weren't available. Ok, so maybe there were. Motivation was the issue. I really have no motivation keep this up. Other then I occasionally want to say something that I think others will want to hear. And I like express my opinions or just give an anecdote from my day. Possibly my inept abilities at picking up women, or the farmer market.

So, possibly a new approach to this. 15 minutes. Can I allocate 15 several times a week to write whats on my mind. I've got 15 minutes. Every one has 15 minutes. Or maybe I should start another and be totally anonymous. I've occasionally had thoughts that I like to write about but would prefer total anonymity. Maybe both.

But for now I'm going to go make an espresso and get on with the day.