Thursday, January 17, 2008

You're not < fill in the blank> enough!!

Whatever happened to giving people credit for at least trying. And making improvements with regards to their short comings. It seems now that what ever it is, it's not enough.

Case in point: Barack Obama is not black enough and Apple is not grean enough. I guess Barack should throw in the towel in lieu of someone like Al Sharpton. But is he black enough? He does appear to straighten his hair. And Apple?? I guess they should go full tilt green. Bring the price of a machine way out of reach of the typical Apple consumer. Thus putting them out of business. Which results in a lot of folks out of work.

When does it get to the point that you get credit for making headway. I think this is probably one of the bigger problems in the green movement. People are overwhelmed with the amount of things the feel the have to do in order to be "green". Baby steps people!!! Baby steps!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Java Juice revisited

First let me say, I'm really, really disappointed. I had such high hopes for Java Juice. Only to be let down, and hard!

Second round, I tried it again. Bland, flat, nasty. Almost tasting like instant. Although I haven't had instant in so long I'm not sure what it even tastes like. But I imagine it tastes like Java Juice.

Third round, I tried to add another packet. Yuck.

Oh well, the quest continues for a decent brew for the back country. I need something with decent flavor. Easy and light to transport. And easy to carry out in order to stay in compliance with one of the key principles I like about backpacking, leave no trace.

Cubicle life

I'm living the life of Dilbert. Or at least for 8 hours a day. Surrounded, physically, but smells and sounds that are getting to be intolerable.

To the west is the smoker. With a air or smoke hanging on her clothes. I'm sure she has no clue. That I can somewhat tolerate. But the tea she drinks. Really, it smells like Christmas potpourri. When do you wake up one day and say "Yes, I love the taste of Christmas potpourri!!. And I'm going to drink it every day."

To the north. The person with the deviated septum. Or so I'm assuming. It's apparent he can't breath out of his nose. That doesn't sound so horrible until you realize that all day long it sounds like he's snoring. And sometimes I think he is. Most likely due to fatigue caused by sleep apnea. And it gets worse when he puts his head phones on. Like people who try to talk with head phones on. He gets louder. I think I'm going to count the number of breathes he takes today. How fun will that be?

To the east. Ok, I'll give this guy a break, 'cause it's not really him. But rather his project manager. Obviously swimming laps in perfume before heading out for the day. Blech!!!

The best part is, to the south is a wall. My buddy, my friend. He never smells, eats weird food or makes disruptive sounds. Always there for me. Steadfast and sturdy. Ahhhh, my wall.

I think I'll fart and call an impromptu meeting in my cube.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Horatio Sanz for president!!

I think I'm going to vote for Bill Richardson in the upcoming primary. Why you ask would I vote for a guy that on the outside doesn't seem to really have what it takes to be president? Because for the next four years Horatio Sanz of Saturday Night Live, will have awesome material. Really, can't you see it? They look exactly alike. I watched the debate the other night and couldn't take Richardson seriously because all I could think about was how much he and Horatio look alike.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Java Juice

I'm a coffee junkie. Bona fide full blown caffeine addict. I haven't been a day without it in years. Unless you count the day my ex some how neglected to inform me that the coffee jar contained decaf. What a head ache that gave me. But I did end up getting my fix , but only after I figured that part out.

When you're a junkie like I am, one of my biggest dilemmas when travel is getting my fix. And what's an even bigger challenge it making sure you've got some decent to drink when backpacking. One of my backpacking friends directed me to a new product that might just fit the bill, Java Juice. It looks like a great product. Small sealed pouches with liquid coffee extract. The pouches can supposedly withstand a fair amount of pressure. Making them ideal for stuffing into a back pack and carrying around for several days.

I ordered a 10 pack, the smallest increment you can get, to try it out. Here's my experience

My ordered arrived after about ten days. I was pretty excited to give it a try really have time after dinner and needed to wait until another day when I knew I wouldn't be. But alas I didn't up until the wee hours on a caffeine buzz. The packets are nice and compact. About two and half times the size of a ketchup packet. Each containing 0.5 fluid oz or pure Java Juice, "black gold" and USDA Organic too!

First impressions
The package was easy to open. Much like any packet of this sort. It's some sort of techno material that doesn't rip easy. So, there's a small slit on the side to start it. I tasted some right out of the packet, full strength. Which might have been a mistake. I think it shocked my taste buds such that I couldn't taste any more. Because once I added water to the Juice, it tasted flat. No real umph, flavor like that of Hills Brothers at half strength.

I need to give it another try. This time without tasting the stuff full strength. I've also got a bit of a cold, so that might be effecting my taste buds. But my initial impression is, I like my Folgers bags better.

More to come later.