Thursday, January 17, 2008

You're not < fill in the blank> enough!!

Whatever happened to giving people credit for at least trying. And making improvements with regards to their short comings. It seems now that what ever it is, it's not enough.

Case in point: Barack Obama is not black enough and Apple is not grean enough. I guess Barack should throw in the towel in lieu of someone like Al Sharpton. But is he black enough? He does appear to straighten his hair. And Apple?? I guess they should go full tilt green. Bring the price of a machine way out of reach of the typical Apple consumer. Thus putting them out of business. Which results in a lot of folks out of work.

When does it get to the point that you get credit for making headway. I think this is probably one of the bigger problems in the green movement. People are overwhelmed with the amount of things the feel the have to do in order to be "green". Baby steps people!!! Baby steps!

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