Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Java Juice revisited

First let me say, I'm really, really disappointed. I had such high hopes for Java Juice. Only to be let down, and hard!

Second round, I tried it again. Bland, flat, nasty. Almost tasting like instant. Although I haven't had instant in so long I'm not sure what it even tastes like. But I imagine it tastes like Java Juice.

Third round, I tried to add another packet. Yuck.

Oh well, the quest continues for a decent brew for the back country. I need something with decent flavor. Easy and light to transport. And easy to carry out in order to stay in compliance with one of the key principles I like about backpacking, leave no trace.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, your backpacking friends tried the stuff, and wow, it sucks! It smells strange, and it's got no flavor. None. Zero. I could force water through the same coffee grounds three times over and get more out of those than this stuff. Yuck!!