Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sometimes you get what you ask for

Attempting to make conversation and flirt on my way in from the parking lot to the office today, I began a conversation with a woman. It went something like this...

  • Get out one of my multiple 'electronic fobs' (building doors and VPN access), and open the door. Hold door for cute blonde coming in behind me.
  • She does the same on the next door.
  • Thanks, I say, and we trade pleasantries
  • Her hands are quite fill of various bags, I assume for work
  • Ok here's my chance, "So, what's in all the bags?"
  • "Oh, since you ask, this ones a breast pump"
  • Randy does a quick bee line towards the steps and mutters something about "Have a nice day"
You gotta admire her honesty. Which I assume was more of a "Hey dude, leave me alone" response.

Ugh, great start to my day.

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