Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And 8 yr olds solution to the energy crunch

Sometimes the most obvious and apparent solution might just make the most sense.

I was having a discussion with my sons about the energy crunch and gas and global warming etc. You know, all that fun stuff that little boys like to talk about. When out of nowhere comes this from Cole, almost 8, "If it were me I'd just say use less gas". Whoa, why hadn't anyone thought about that before??

Instead, we keep hearing from certain political parties, that we should just drill for more oil. I did a rudimentary explaination of supply and demand. Which they seemed to comprehend to some extent. Still, both in agreement that we should just use less gas.

When explaining the production of electricity, Ethan who is now 10, asked "Isn't there an unlimited supply of fire?". Basically equating the production of electricity with some type of fire, coal, gas etc. Nope, I said, there isn't. Because the fire has to come from some other source. He got it!!

Amazing when you take two young children, explain something to them that most Americans don't understand, and they get it. Not because they are any higher intelligence (although I personally think they are), but because they don't have an bias yet. Nor do they have a vested interest in Big Oil etc.

Go figure.

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